Design, Build, Renovate and Furnish. All the aspects of “home living” reinvented each time with class, fantasy and innovation
while keeping a common thread of elegance, maniacal attention to details, early access to leading edge design and building technologies available in Italy and in the world.
Everything always putting the human being, his family, his dreams and his needs as the core of the design
concept.In each of our projects you will always find simplicity and elegance, refined materials, reliability and seriousness.
This is our MISSION and our philosophy: to make sure your home is not just an environment to love but a
living and beating heart that will love you.
Experience every day the excitement of living in the house of your dreams, from C&M Building and Project.


Innovation, curiosity and expertise are the pillars that our team of professionals brings and implement in any new building,
aimed to have YOU as the “subject” of every project idea.The leadership of Anselmo Cogliati ensure many years of experience in the management and integration of a team of architects, engineers, builders and craftsmen to offer the best in terms of style, quality, on time delivery and competitive costs. The company directly manages the design, planning and technical implementation of the projects.
Aurora S.r.l. building company is a dynamic firm, offering highly specialized and motivated workers. Expert in building
construction and luxury fittings Aurora management coordinate and drives a team of professionals in the field of Hydraulic,
Electrical, Security, etc. 
Thanks to the vertical integration of all functions, exclusivity agreements and direct link with leading industries we can ensure
quality, cost competitiveness, customization and fast turnaround time.
The team is completed by trade, legal, financial and technology professionals. For new building projects and the team is
directly in charge of the sale of real estate units.


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